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Online General Practice Nurse Training Programme

This online programme is an essential resource for any nurse new to general practice, as well as a useful refresher generally. It provides introductory level learning resources and self-assessment questionnaires across a range of topics, covering baseline skills for nursing in general practice. It represents the building blocks of an educational pathway to support a career in general practice nursing.

Included in the programme are two full-day workshops led by experienced practice nurse facilitators, who will support your progression through the units. View available workshops.

The cost of the programme, including the two workshops and dedicated support, is £850 plus VAT.

The programme will help you to identify learning needs appropriate to your role in practice and direct you to further opportunities for continued professional development. The programme is written by practice nurses for practice nurses, with the aim of being totally relevant and user-friendly.

For full programme information, please see the User Guide.


Topics covered

  1. Top Level
  2. Unit 1 - Finding your feet in general practice
  3. Unit 2 - General treatment room skills
  4. Unit 3 - Emergency situations
  5. Unit 4 - Immunisation and vaccination
  6. Unit 5 - Long-term conditions
  7. Unit 6 - Sexual health
  8. Unit 7 - Mental health
  9. Unit 8 - Career development
  10. Glossary of terms
  11. View available workshops and book to attend